Thoughts on racism

June 24,2020.

smile. make sure to cheer yourself up.

Dont judge people based on how some have treated you.
dont treat others the way you dont wanna be treated.
dont be hostile. be respectful. be kind even to the bad ones. let them know what kindness is, so they can reciprocate to someone else.
like i tipped the taxi driver who didnt seem pleasant to pick me up haha. he was happy.

do whatever you like even if it irritates people. be happy and jolly, and let them wonder what you’re drinking or thinking.
not all the days have to be great, be contented in bad days.

kind people are afraid of racist or cruel people.
most of the poor people are grumpy and racist, cause poverty makes life miserable. and its easier to blame “the others” for the situation you are in.

be wise, people are uneducated and unaware, and when they realize that they are too old to love and too less time. they will know that they have missed a great happiness in life.

dont see things from only your perspective, sometimes it is ok to be checked twice cause you look different. and there are illegal folks who made it more difficult. but you would have also hated them if you had arrived first 😂

and keep it light hearted. when you see people being nervous and down, help them have a good mood.

and be safe, some people are really dangerous and will go to extreme measures. and don’t pay attention to other’s opinion about yourself, make sure you know yourself.

trust the universe and the good deeds (karma) that you have done for others. if there are hateful strangers, there are kind souls as well.

be friendly even when others are not. and be responsible for yourself, no one is going to take care of you like yourself.

dont depend on someone’s pity and sympathy. but dont hesitate to ask questions, especially about direction.

keep your head high but dont try to show hostile attitude and dont let hateful people win. you can do it gracefully as well.

admit that you dont know best and keep your mind open to learn.

sometimes not entering the club doesn’t mean the bouncers are racist, but the people inside the clubs might be very dangerous and they dont wanna give you extra security and extra attention.

you cant change views of all the people, but yourself. its good to have a discussion, but it’s not going to solve problems.

sometimes too much information causes anxiety, so try to learn many things and ignore the noises.

dont try to fight your emotions, calm it down with logic and rationale. but you need to make sure that you are a good person deep down within.

you cant win someone else’s fight, people need to learn to defend themselves. but raise your voice when you see someone being a victim.

some people are only nice to you just for some time, or infront of others. they have no interest in you whatsoever. they are just there to be entertained. dont feel pity for them.

people won’t understand you, cause they had never walked in your shoes, neither have you walked in theirs. everyone has insecurities and fears, just because they are not smiling at you doesn’t mean they are hostile or rcst. sometimes people are having a bad day.
sometimes you have bad days yourself as well and you cant always be kind and considerate.
learn to accept it.

be prepared to be alone and lonely, and dont let dark thoughts and emotions take in charge.
meditate and levitate. raise your awareness and spread positive vibes.

people might be fascinated with you, dont be afraid to talk to people. and if they come nd talk to you first it doesnt mean they are interested in you.

dont be afraid to make the first move. and dont worry about people, they will always have something bad to say anyway.

people fear what they dont understand. so be like god, god of unconditional love. not of convenient god.

be confident and try to look comfortable in your own skin and style. dont try to scare people.

find new ways to entertain yourself. do something different and be spontaneous and lively.

take care of your health and well being.

people judge others, you judge others as well. either you can be bothered by it or you can learn to ignore it.

it’s ok to feel sad or angry. but how you handle your grief should be controlled. its good not to confront and provoke people. let go of hatred and anger.

people who are prosecuted for being themselves (lgbt community) will look up to you. cause they know how it feels when people treat them with hatred and look down upon them. its your choice whether to love them or hate them. but be friendly and treat them with kindness.

most important, be conscious about your own prejudices and biases.

create something, like art or writings. and make sure people remember you in a good way.

be oblivious and be a fool. the things that you dont know wont bother you. it’s hard to lie to yourself and be happy. and dont live your life as an after thought. be present in the moment.

use less of mobile phone and try to make real connection. its easy to talk and write things down than just live on tbe front line and face it.

dont be conscious about yourself all the time, let your brain handle things. be like a child and try to see everything as its the first time.
have sense of wonder and purpose in life.

i might be wise now, but might act as stupid later and its fine. time, feelings will come back and you might have to relearn the things you thought you already knew.

you might not be doing things right after knowing everything as well, learn to be kind to yourself and remember to treat yourself as any other being who doesnt know what’s best for themselves.

don’t focus too much on earning a lot of money. enjoy life. dont be too old too soon.

dont dont achieve everything at once. learn to do little but do it gracefully.

trust people, even when they seem confused. just dont trust them with money. it spoils people.

dont be afraid to show people who you are. (unless you are a selfish asshole) it might sound like you are bragging but do it in the right way.

its hard to rock but even harder to achieve the ambitions in life. if you have big dreams you need to have even bigger dedication and bigger guts to do things differently.

people might treat you like refugees, and its not a bad thing to be one. for some it was not their choice, so dont be so proud of something that you didnt had to work for. (color, nationality, sex, or anything that was freely given to you cause tou wete born on the right side of the world)

conscioysness evolves according to the surrounding and environment. if people treat you like you are stupid then its not your fault.

try to learn how your mind and body works. mantras, sounds and speech might have healing effects. but you need to believe in it. even if you believe in stupid things and it makes you happy then just do it.

dont be afraid to fail or take chances. dont be scared to live the life you wanted to live. you might not have the same situation and free time and friends any longer.

there will always be good and evil and injustice and hatred. choose your side, and be considerate. this might be one of the most peaceful times on earth and it can go a lot worse.
do your part of educating others and spread the good words.

dont be a blind follower of some faith. be open to criticism and challenge your own belifs from time to time.

dont take things out of context and try to fit in the puzzle. we are all guided by patterns which are unknown. if we are more in tune with our inner nature then its easy to find balance in life.

some people find it hard to regulate their emotions. and vant handle situations well,. its not their fault. once you have been through a lot of bad situations. it might give you experiences to handle even shitty situations.

there are not just surprises but shocks as well. and try to remain calm and contented.
have someone close to you that you can talk to about everything. sex, drugs, good time, bad times. (maybe for some its a lover or a friend partner)..

for me, it has been my diary. cause my circle of friends keep on changing every once in a whilr and there is no permanent friend who has seen me evolve through times. thats why these memo and notes have been very helpful as a outlet of thoughts.
thank you so much.

dont live by my words, find your own meanings to life.

sometimes they will tell you that you are cute or a good person and blah blah. it feels great to listen to good things about yourself. and learn to accept it and dont be sarcastic asshole etc.
well, sometimes they are just saying it cause they dont wanna date you. haha

love yourself and love others as well. doesnt have to be sexual love, just be contented

dont be too afraid to care.
create art and crafts or contribute to scientific research and imvention of something. help as many people as possible. even when they are skeptic of your intention.

people will fit you into their puzzle of life. if people judge you then its not your fault. sometimes you observe people as well and wonder how their lives might be.

those people who had never seen any hardship are more likely to be hateful. some people cant stand other’s happiness.

some are just jealous that you are having a better time than them and they will hate you for it. is it your fault? but they might think that its yourz.

some people are so insecure about themselves and are afraid to live life to the fullest.

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